LDF Construction Wins Third Federal Contract Working on Fort McCoy Project

Wisconsin Procurement Institute experience plays role in successful bid

Working with the Wisconsin Procurement Institute has been a great experience for LDF Construction. With the help of the WPI, LDF Construction has landed its third federal job in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, and we look forward to a successful project!

Other federal construction projects include Riley Lake, which resulted in an “Excellent” rating.  Our work on a project at Boulder Lake is in-progress.

There are tremendous opportunities for businesses that learn the rules and processes, know how the market works, and are willing to meet the needs of a very demanding customer. The United States government spends over $500 billion and the State of Wisconsin spends about $2 billion on goods and services each year.

The WPI has been instrumental in LDF Construction’s learning process for procuring, handling, and successfully completing federal contracts. The assistance of the WPI has led to streamlined processes, which helps us become more profitable, offer exemplary work quality, and improve access to contracts.

WPI works closely with federal, state and local small business programs to maximize the opportunities and market success for disadvantaged, minority, woman-, disabled- and veteran-owned firms, as well as those located in designated HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) Zones and distressed areas such as Lac du Flambeau.

The WPI, a non-profit organization established in 1987, is an outgrowth of then Congressman Les Aspin’s efforts to help Wisconsin businesses win federal contracts, especially defense contracts.

WPI’s mission is to assist Wisconsin businesses in all of Wisconsin’s 72 counties to create, develop and grow their federal, state and local government sales, revenues, profits and jobs.  They do this by providing:

·      Strategic, objective, and practical business advice and technical expertise as it relates to entering or growing the government market.

·      Technical training and education in locating and analyzing market intelligence and process.

·      Knowledge and training required for small and disadvantaged businesses to increase their competitiveness and success in the government market.

·      Supplement organizational capabilities and value by:

o   Providing access to current and focused technical expertise, education and training to businesses and their staff in the areas of marketing, sales, contract administration, government-specific requirements, and other areas.

o   Providing access to professional and knowledgeable counseling and individual assistance.

o   Providing current market information and intelligence to state firms.

o   Providing access to Government Prime Contractors and government agencies.

o   Providing access to market leadership, policy creators and decision makers.

o   Providing access to unique expertise and jobs skills needed to support government contracts and associated supply chains.

WPI also works throughout Wisconsin—in rural and urban areas—with large, small, well-established, and newly-created start-up businesses in areas of manufacturing, technology, construction, research, IT and various services.

Through LDF Construction’s work with the WPI and other agency experiences, we’re well-prepared for a sound future in construction.

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