LDF Construction Achieves State of Wisconsin Minority Business Enterprise Certification

LDF Construction recently received Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) status for the State of Wisconsin.


MBE status allows us to bid on State owned projects through the Department of Administration (DOA), Department of Facilities Development and Management (DFDM), and the University of Wisconsin system.


The Minority Business Program was created in 1983 through the enactment of Wisconsin Act 390 which extended and amended the law relating to purchases made by many state agencies and campuses of the University of Wisconsin System. According to the Act, firms wishing to participate in the program must be certified by the Wisconsin Department of Administration.
The programs includes the construction of new buildings and the remodeling, renovation, and maintenance of existing facilities for all state agencies and the University of Wisconsin System. The DFDM provides technical advice, project management, and field oversight of construction projects; and contracts for architecture/engineering services and construction work.


Being new to the program, we are currently allowed to bid on projects valued up to $1.7 million. Once we have successfully completed projects at this threshold, we can request a higher amount and continue our mission to provide economic growth and employment for the Tribe.


There are several benefits of being certified. These include a preference which may be awarded to any MBE bid that is no more than 5% higher than the apparent low bid or competitive proposal that is no more than 5% lower than the most advantageous offer. By being listed on the State’s directory, firms in the program have a broader business reach to corporate buyers beyond the borders of Wisconsin.


LDF Construction is excited to be a part of moving the Tribe and community into the construction future!

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