Unlike some construction companies that only serve a managerial role, LDF Construction is a builder and proud of the accumulated knowledge and skill that we bring to every project. Since it's inception, LDF Construction has focused on hiring tradesmen who take pride in their work and the finished product. Whether it is a new facility or a historic renovation, LDF Construction staffs each job with a cadre of capable and experienced personnel that bring dedication to quality and pride of workmanship. When you already have a design team in place and have committed your vision to construction drawings, we will not only produce a competitive and comprehensive price, we will also deliver your project by demanding skill, integrity and responsibility throughout the building process.

As your General Contractor, our company would work directly with the business owner to construct your building in accordance with the plans and specifications developed by a design professional. We will perform certain portions of the work (trades) with our own labor force and subcontract the remaining trades to specialty contractors.


The predominate feature of the Design-Build project delivery method is that it provides the owner with a single point of contact, known as the design builder. The Design Build method combines the contractor and designers under one contract, and is used to minimize risks for the project owner and reduce the length of delivery by overlapping the design and construction phases of a project. The project budget is developed concurrently with design at the earliest stages giving the owner multiple design options, along with cost estimates early in the process. This optimizes the potential to create a greater value to the owner. Based on our collective experience, LDF Construction and its team have the staffing, knowledge, expertise and resources to successfully fulfill the obligation of any design build contract.


The Construction Manager at Risk delivery method fosters collaboration and focuses the entire project team (owner, architect and contractor) on finding the best solutions for the project. As the Construction Manager, LDF Construction has the responsibility for coordinating all subcontractor bids and hiring, guaranteeing owners a maximum price for construction of the project.

While the owner holds the design and construction contracts separately, LDF Construction serves as the consultant to the owner for both the design and construction phases. By working in concert with the architect/engineer early on, LDF Construction can offer valuable expertise when it comes to costs, scheduling and delivery methods, saving our owners time and money.

Then, throughout the duration of the project, LDF Construction serves as the single point of responsibility for the project's successful delivery. Our services under this role generally include: review and evaluation of the design professionals' construction documents, schedule management, cost management, development and evaluation of scopes of work, analysis and recommendations of contracting methodology, assembly of bid packages, prime contractors' acquisition and management, estimates of probable construction cost, validation of value engineering scope and estimates, quality control, administration of construction contracts as agent for the owner, and incidental administrative services required to facilitate project completion.


As your contractor, we will provide services to build your addition or remodel your existing building with a team approach that includes proactive decision making, communication, flexibility and innovative thinking.


Our unique capabilities and commercial approach to constructing homes makes us stand above the competition. We are adept to achieving unsurpassed quality within a client's budget by engaging early in the design process to capture the vision and architectural design details. We offer unmatched insight in planning.